• £3.50£9.75 / 90 days
  • £3.50£9.75 / 90 days
    Our mouthwash tablets address the biggest issues with liquid-based alternatives. They remove all the plastic and weight by up to 99% making them the most eco-friendly option out there. reducing your carbon footprint. Simple to use, simply put a tablet in 10ml of water and a minute later you’re ready to swoosh away.
  • £3.50£9.75
    Peppermint toothpaste tablets that are great for the planet and contain fluoride so are great for your mouth. We’ve removed all the nasty stuff like SLS and palm oil and put in more of the good stuff like Kaolin to help promote natural whitening as well as cleaning.
  • £3.50£9.75 / 90 days
    Our Dental Floss is made from 100% compostable bamboo and Corn, coated with natural Vegetable Wax. Flavoured with Spearmint Oil which acts as a strong antiseptic. Our floss helps get to those hard to reach bits where brushing just can’t get to.
  • £1.00£3.25
    Need a few extra tins and jars? We made it possible to add these extras without having to buy the products if you already have them. After all, we're about nothing wasted.

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